There’s no better thing than ice cream when the weather is hot and above 95 degrees Fahrenheit. The only bad thing that can come out of this delicious treat is the fact that it contains too many calories and unhealthy sugars. Therefore, culinary experts and nutritionists have invented this recipe as a healthy version of an ice cream. It will make your summer days icy, tasty and sweet with just a few calories.

frozen banana dessert

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Sometimes, the simplest things are in fact the best, and this recipe for a frozen banana dessert proves the truth of this statement. Namely, the brilliant minds of our cooking experts and nutritionists thought of cutting a banana into several large pieces, putting those pieces on ice cream sticks and covering them with black chocolate. And then, just freeze it all.

The result is equally tasty and healthy!

Frozen Banana Dessert Recipe

The ingredients you need for this frozen dessert are:

– 100 grams of dark chocolate
– Three medium bananas
– Ice cream sticks


Chop each banana into three large pieces, and then inject each piece with a wooden ice cream stick. If you do not have wooden sticks, you can use ordinary plastic spoons or knives instead. Place the prepared banana sticks in the freezer for about 15 minutes, allowing them to cool down well. In the meantime, melt the dark chocolate in a bowl, over a cooking pot of simmering water. Dip the cooled bananas in the melted chocolate, one banana stick at a time. The chocolate will harden quite quickly, so you can put everything on a plate and then again in the freezer, for another hour. If desired, garnish the cold dessert with chopped walnuts and almonds.

This frozen banana dessert contains about 90 calories per serving, and has no artificial sugars, milk or taste amplifiers. It is an irreplaceable delicious summer enjoyment!