When we are in a clean and fresh space, we feel better. This was proven through a survey published in 2009. Aromatherapy reduces stress and has a calming effect on humans. In order to provide pleasant smell in our house, we often think that it is necessary to spend a large amount of money. Yet all those air fresheners, large scented candles, and sticks cost a lot and they are not healthy at all.

freshen up

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To prove the opposite, we bring you 4 natural ways that contain no chemicals, are cost effective, provide a “stress-free zone”, comfort and freshness for your home.

How To Naturally Freshen Up Your Home

Pine cones

Put a few drops of essential oil (example. cinnamon or lavender) on the pine cones. Place a set of such cones in the basket and change their position from room to room. You can find pine cones out in nature and remember that just a few drops of essential oil per cone are quite enough.

DIY essential oil spray

To replace chemicals from the air fresheners with delicate essential oils, you will need essential oil, water, and a spray bottle. Mix three to four drops of essential oil by your own choice with a cup of water. Transfer the liquid into a spray bottle and shake well before use. You can spray the air, the pillows, and even the couch.

Oiled sticks

A simple trick for good smelling bathroom is hiding in a combination of q-tips dipped into your favorite essential oil. Stick it in a paper roll and you will always have a tiny, small, but powerful source of comfort. We recommend you to use several sticks at the same time.

Carpet cleaner

Carpets are often sources of unpleasant smells, and the simple way to clean them is a combination of boric acid, baking soda, essential oil or spices (cinnamon, cloves, vanilla sticks). All ingredients should be mixed and then sprinkled on the carpet. Leave the mixture for 15 to 20 minutes and then vacuum the carpet.

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