It’s that time of the year when colds and flu spread all around us. The winter months are the hardest for the human body, when it comes fighting with bacteria and viruses. And, one of the most annoying symptoms that occur during the season of colds and flu is the cough. Coughing can be a very annoying reflex action, which often disrupts the sleep and affect the voice. Thus, besides the usual cough lounges and syrups, many people try new things, made at home.


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In this article, we provide you just that – a homemade natural cough reliever. It’ll surprise you in a good way!

Chocolate As A Cough Remedy

According to the experts from the King’s College London and the Royal Brompton Hospital, chocolate, especially black, is not just a delicious treat, but also an effective cough medicine.

Dr. Peter Barnes explains that certain ingredients can replace many drugs and syrups, and that they can consequently improve the quality of life. For example, it’s long been known that dark chocolate stimulates the secretion of the hormones responsible for happiness.

The most effective ingredient in the fight against cough is theobromine, also known as xantheose. Theobromine is nearly three times more effective in treatments than codeine, a drug often prescribed by doctors. Unlike the synthetic drugs, chocolate contains natural theobromine, which does not cause any adverse effects on the cardiovascular and central nervous systems, usually manifested as a drowsiness.

When you want to pick a healthy piece of chocolate, always go for the dark ones. The darker the chocolate, the healthier it is. Always read the percentage of cocoa, listed on the labels of the commercially sold chocolate bars. Don’t go under 70 percent of cocoa.

You know the saying, less is always more. The same applies to chocolate. A little bit of dark chocolate can never hurt anyone. You can eat it with tea or coffee, or take a square or two after a meal, as a snack. Or, whenever your cough strikes.

Chocolate could be cough medicine