Excessive consumption of coffee, especially the 3 in 1 instant coffee, can cause symptoms of psychological and physical dependence, and adverse health effects. But, if you drink the right type of coffee, it can bring you some advantages. That’s why you need to buy organic Arabica coffee, from certified sellers. This type of coffee is rich in vitamin B3 and minerals, especially magnesium and manganese; and it has strong antioxidant properties. Also, it improves the health of the brain cells, protects against atherosclerosis and several types of cancer.

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Organic Ground Coffee Vs. 3 In 1 Instant Coffee

Instant coffee doesn’t stand a chance against the pure, organic coffee. The content of the beans in instant coffee is minimal, mostly poor quality Robusta coffee beans, which lost most of their positive properties during the heat treatment.

If you carefully read the label of the 3 in 1 instant coffee, you will see that the main ingredient is sugar. Specifically, it’s a combination of vegetable oil, glucose syrup, flavor and other additives that provide the likable taste. The harmful trans fatty acids and polyphosphates, which come from the hydrogenated vegetable oil, are acidity regulators and have an awful effect on the health of the bones.

Caffeine, the ingredient that causes alertness, is more concentrated in instant than in ordinary coffee. It’s not recommendable to intake more than 300 mg of caffeine a day. And, in a cup of instant coffee, there are approximately 100 mg of caffeine.

Coffee Brands

Nescafe 3 in 1 has about 9 percent of coffee in its content. Due to its natural regulators of acidity, the sodium citrate-citric acid and phosphates, frequent consumption of this coffee is not recommendable. And, in only a sachet of this coffee, there are 7 grams of sugar.

Jacobs 3 in 1 has more coffee content than Nescafe, about 17 percent, and at least 38 percent sugar. In addition, its content also includes glucose syrup and artificial sweeteners, such as aspartame and acesulfame K, which are an issue of debate over carcinogenicity for decades.

So, if you really love coffee, don’t go for the instant option. Instead, make a little effort, and buy organic, freshly roasted beans and brew it yourself. And, always go for moderate consumption and don’t cross the daily recommended dose of caffeine.

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