Have you ever tried a foot self-massage? Massaging your feet can give you a great pleasure and enjoyment. Self-massaging the feet before going to bed is very necessary for our bodies, and it can bring us many health benefits.

foot self-massage

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In order to get the maximum effects of a foot self-massage, it is best to do it with some kind of a natural oil. You can use coconut oil, or your favorite essential oil. But, if you don’t have an oil, it would also be enough to do the massage without it, in order to relax and soothe your mind, and eventually beat stress.

If you’re wondering why is it so good to do a foot self-massage before going to bed, keep on reading. In the text below, we show you three amazing health benefits.

The Health Benefits Of A Foot Self-Massage
1. Strengthens The Immunity

By massaging your feet, you’re stimulating their reflexes and thereby encouraging relaxation and healing of the tired foot muscles. A relaxing foot massage also prevents the harmful effects of stress, which takes its toll on the human organism. If you regularly massage your feet, you will protect your body from the exhausting muscle cramps and from many diseases that are associated with stress.

2. Energy And Rejuvenation

Did you know that a foot massage is very refreshing, because it is an amazing source of energy? When you rub and press your feet, they rejuvenate the energy of the body.

3. Improved Circulation And Detoxification

The blood that flows throughout the human body transports oxygen and nutrients, so that the body’s cells, tissues and organs can function properly. Also, the blood helps clean the waste and toxins from the body. If you’re under stress, this blood flow is hampered, and so is the functioning of the cells, tissues and organs. A relaxing foot massage can be very helpful in situations like these, as it reduces stress. Massing your feet will improve the blood circulation and bring your bodily functions back to normal.

Knowing the above, it would be great if you can separate 10 minutes of your time before going to bed, and dedicate them to your feet. I know I will!