Feet have numerous nerve endings and if you massage them it can be very helpful. You exert pressure on specific points of the body and it will help in various states. Massaging your feet will help your blood flow, reduce the amount of fat, recover and improve the appearance of the skin.

foot massage

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It’s recommended to massage your feet before bedtime for 10 up to 15 minutes. You should be careful if you are diabetic or you massage the feet of a diabetic, particularly because they are sensitive and therefore you should check them first for any wounds difficult to heal because they can lead to infection.

6 Types Of Feet Massages You Can Practice At Home

Here are some types of massages that you can do:

  • Hold your toes of your foot with one hand and the toes of the other foot with another. Then slowly rotate the foot, first in one, and then the other way.
  • Hold your foot with both hands, on the both sides, and then slowly rotate your foot around your ankle on one side and then to the other side. Apply the same method on the other foot.
  • Hold your thumb and index finger just above the heel and push toward your toes until you feel tension.
  • Pull each toe of your foot a little bit, one by one. Flex your toes and stretch them several times. Then, relax your legs.
  • Make a fist with your hand, and apply pressure on the arch of your foot. Gently rotate your hand in a circular motion around that area.
  • Lightly massage the area around your ankle with your hands. Place your hand on one ankle and slowly move it towards your foot and focus on the Achilles tendon.

Tip: Before giving yourself a foot massage, it’s best to take a warm and relaxing foot bath using Epsom salt and lavender or any essential oil you find refreshing.

Reference: How to Give a Foot Massage
How to give yourself a foot massage