If you want to keep an impeccable oral hygiene, then you should know that flossing is just as important as brushing your teeth. Even the thinnest toothbrush fibers can fail to reach and clean all surfaces of the teeth. And, these areas are where dental plaque will accumulate over time.


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The interproximal spaces, or in particular, the contact points between the teeth, are the most difficult to reach. This is where flossing comes in handy. But, before you buy dental floss, you should learn how to use it properly, to avoid gum damage.

Flossing Teeth Effectively

Many people hate flossing their teeth, or sometimes are too lazy for this daily routine. Mainly because it takes a lot of time, or because we can sometimes hurt the gums, which can be very painful. But, if you do it properly, it’ll take less than a minute. Your oral hygiene will improve big time!

After you see the video made by Dr. Carlos Meulener, it’ll become more clear to you that the traditional flossing technique is too loose to clean the interproximal spaces between the teeth. But, by limiting the distance between your thumb and teeth, you increase the level of control, and the whole situation becomes much easier.

Let’s start flossing. First, start by choosing a good-quality floss (always pick the best you can find). Usually, it’s easier to manipulate this type of floss. For beginners, maybe it’s best to start with the sensitive type, as the ends of this floss are softer and more pliable, which is better for the gums, in the event of a stronger, accidental contact.

Stop with your old flossing technique, and try this one instead. Your teeth and gums will be very grateful! Plus, you’ll manage to reduce your visits to the dental office. Isn’t this what we all want?

To see how it’s done properly, watch the video below, made by Carlos Meulener.

The One Minute Flossing Technique