Fragrance has an exceptional impact on our mind. It can improve our mood, evoke feelings of comfort or discomfort, remind us of some events or people from our distant past, or childhood, and even connect us to certain holidays, seasons, or vacations.

natural air freshener

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Natural Air Freshener

Since we spend a lot of time in our homes, where we want to feel relaxed and comfortable, fragrances are of special importance. Here we present you a simple, easy to make and natural air freshener, that will turn your home into a scented oasis.

Replace the commercially bought air fresheners, filled with chemical substances that are harmful to our health, with this two ingredient aromatizer.

To prepare the air freshener, you will need:

– Small mason glass jar, including its lid
– Baking soda
– Essential oil (of your preference)


Fill the jar with baking soda, about 1/4 of it. Put in a dozen drops of your favorite essential oil and mix well, until the ingredients combine. In time, you fill find the proper dosage for the essential oil, depending on how intense you want the smell to be. Make a few holes in the lid, using a screwdriver and hammer. Simply place the screwdriver on the top of the lid and hit it a few times. Close the jar. Et voilà, your natural air freshener is done in just a few minutes!

Whenever you plan to keep the air freshener in a prominent place, choose designed mason jars, with a cute décor. They will give a nice touch to the entire interior of your home.

The scent of this homemade air freshener will last up to two weeks. Occasionally, shake the jar and you will have a waft of fresh scent fill the air in your home!