Energy drinks are highly popular nowadays, giving you the extra energy you need when you just don’t have time to sleep. However, the sad truth is that 4 more hours of energy may be too costly to your overall health.

energy drinks

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Remember, even energy drinks with the label ‘natural’ can damage the health of your body!

Energy Drink Definition

Energy drinks are non-alcoholic drinks that increase the level of energy in the body. Many studies confirm that these drinks really do increase the cognitive and mental abilities, physical endurance and alertness on the short-run.

But, the energy we get when drinking this beverage is not released by burning calories. It is a result of the stimulants found in its content!

What’s In Your Favorite Energy Drink?

Carbonated water, methylxanthines (caffeine included), taurine, vitamin B and herbal extracts are the main ingredients of most energy drinks. The most popular herbs include akai, guarana, gingseng, yerba mate, ginkgo biloba, etc. Sometimes, inositol, maltodextrin, creatine and carnitine are added in the contents.

Some energy drinks contain alternative sweeteners, while others have added sugar. Also, an indispensable ingredient is caffeine. Namely, some of these drinks have 3 times more caffeine than coffee!

Can Energy Drinks Harm Your Health?

Even though one can of your favorite energy drink cannot seriously harm your health, 2-3 servings per day can cause insomnia, nervousness, arrhythmia, stomach ache, nausea and dehydration.

In the United States, the side effects of drinking too much energy drinks are a common reason for an ambulance visit.

  1. Exhaust The Energy Supplies Of The Body

This type of beverage owes its activity to the caffeine and other synthetic ingredients, which improve the formation of adrenaline and therefore, improve blood circulation and accelerate the heart rate. With this activity, the flow of blood into the brain improves, and you start to feel stronger and happier.

But this additional energy does not come from the outside. It is extracted from the organism. Such refreshment can cost you later, increasing the risk of an even greater fatigue and insomnia.

  1. Energy Drink Addict

Just as with any other stimulant, excessive consumption of energy drinks can cause addiction. Addicts have a need for a daily dose of energy drink; they often wake up in the morning with energy drink cravings; become uneasy and irritable; drink the beverage with almost every meal; have concentration problems; don’t drink sufficient amounts of water; etc.

  1. Internal Organ Damage

The blood vessels and the heart, liver and stomach are most affected internal organs by this type of drink.

The cardiovascular system usually responds to the energy boost with arrhythmia, tachycardia and sudden blood pressure changes.

Due to the carbon dioxide intake, the stomach suffers and increases the production of gastric acid and gastric juice, which can further harm the gastrointestinal system.

The sweet taste, aroma and color of energy drinks are a result of the chemical substances they contain. Unfortunately, all these chemicals can damage the liver. For this reason, even healthy and strong adults are advised to drink this beverage with precaution.

Needless to say that energy drinks should not be consumed by neither children nor adolescents.

Can We Say That The Natural Energy Drinks Are Better?

Nowadays, manufacturers have made a decision to follow the trend and produce natural energy drinks. But, you should still drink them with caution!

Even though natural, such energy drinks have large amounts of caffeine and encourage activity. This means that they still stimulate use of the energy supplies stored in our body. And, after the period of euphoria and activity, the energy and concentration will drop.

Moreover, long-term consumption of energy drinks is exhausting your body, causes premature aging and damages the cardiovascular system.

Energy Drink Alternatives

Are you tired, but you don’t have the luxury to go to sleep? You should try the following:

– Light to moderate exercise of about 20 minutes, to improve concentration and restore energy
– Short break or 15-minute power nap
– Breathing exercises, meditation and yoga can help you bring back your energy and good mood
– Cold shower is a good way to wake up!
– Take a walk. Sun and fresh air are a good idea too!
– Refresh your level of energy by eating whole grains and fruits
– Drink a glass of spring water

In the long-run, think about separating more time for a good quality sleep.

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