Do you immediately throw away egg cartons, after you disposed of the eggs? These cartons shells where the eggs were stored can be used for various purposes and will come in handy. In this article, we will show you a few interesting ways to use them.

egg cartons
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Incredible Ideas How To Reuse Egg Cartons

1. Flower Pots
You can use egg cartons as flower pots, for your plantlets. Do you see how these small “cups” can serve an amazing purpose? In addition, it will look nice, and you can awaken your creativity and paint them in a variety of interesting ways.

2. Storing tiny items
Moreover, these cardboard shells can be used for storing tools and some tiny items such as jewelry, buttons, screws, etc. You can well organize them, so you can find these tiny articles instantly without losing time and nerves. Also, they can be of great help for storing ornaments for Christmas tree.

3. Color Palette
The egg cardboard can be used for storing your watercolor palette. Your kids will love it, the colors will be well organized. The paper of the egg cardboard is thick enough, so it will prevent dripping colors and making a mess around.

4. Container for feeding birds
What you need to do is to cut off the lid of the carton, drill at the both ends two holes through which you will pass a string, fill the little shells with food for the birds and hang it on the tree near your house or building.

5. Holder for mini muffins/cupcakes
You can be creative and paint each shell in different color. Afterwards, place the muffins in every hole and close the egg carton to protect the muffins. A very practical manner would be if you served your guests with muffins in shells instead of offering them in a tray. That would be something unusual and cool.

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