World-renowned media, focusing on nutrition and healthy lifestyle, have made a mess when they announced what is the worst food that we should not eat.


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Nowadays people often consume toxic foods, sometimes even in large quantities, and usually have no idea what they actually eat. Such attitude towards food is one of the main causes for the development of many diseases today.

One of those foods is chips, which caused a worldwide sensation in the food world when many American media declared it to be the most poisonous food product in the food market worldwide! This would have been nothing if this food is not what billions of people consume on a daily basis, and in large quantities. Yes, we all know that potato chips are unhealthy, but we do not understand this to the extent that they are so toxic that they should be completely excluded from all daily meals. This is not yet entirely clear to most of us.

If we do understand how carcinogenic and harmful this food is, we would not consume it at all.

Many people are convinced that chips are made from potatoes, but recent media allegations indicate that this is far from the truth. They inform that in the first phase of production, ingredients such as rice, wheat, corn and potato flakes are combined in order to obtain a dough, which is then shaped into molds and fried in boiling oil, and afterwards dried off. In the final phase, flavor enhancers are added to the chips, which are extremely toxic. Although all ingredients used in the potato chip mixture are genetically modified, one of the most dangerous substances in the chips is not added in the production process, but it is a byproduct of the processing itself.

This substance is acrylamide. This is a dangerous carcinogen, for which it has long been known to cause cancer in animals, and precisely chips have it in abnormal quantities, far more from the allowed consumption level.

Acrylamide is formed in foods that have been exposed to thermal processing, such as baking, roasting and frying, due to which is especially present in chips. After frying the chips at high temperatures, it is once again exposed to high temperatures in the drying process.

Fact is that all foods that are processed at temperatures above 210 degrees Fahrenheit contain carcinogenic substances, and the level of these substances in the most popular food worldwide, that is chips, is above permitted intake levels.