In order to keep our body always young and tight, we need the right diet and physical activity. This fact applies to our face as well, because with years it loses its elasticity and beauty.

double chin

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That’s why we need a bunch of exercises that will help your face stay young and tight for a long time. So, let’s begin!

Facial Exercises That Will Reduce Double Chin
  1. Warm up

Like any other exercise, you will need to warm the muscles on your face. In this case, move the lower jaw forward and then from one side to the other. You shouldn’t make sharp movements, just start slowly and smoothly.

  1. Tongue exercise

Double chin is associated with the tongue muscles. Therefore, it is important to tighten them up. Extend the tongue as far as you can and try to touch the nose with your tongue. Your lips should be loose, and not tight.

  1. Kissing exercise

Imagine you are kissing someone way taller than you. Raise your head and point it to the ceiling. Make lip movement as you will kiss someone and if you are doing the exercise right, you will feel tightness in your neck.

  1. Grin

Smile with your mouth shut and then try to spread your lips as far as you can. Then, push your tongue against the upper bony part in your mouth, slowly amplifying the force. When your chin muscles tighten up, hold that position for five seconds.

  1. Biting lip

Bring your upper lip over your lower lip, just as you like to bite your lower lip. You should lower your head when you open your mouth and lift it up when you close it. When you do this exercise, make sure that you keep your lips loosen up.

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