Eye contacts, or contact lens, are devices that replace the eyeglasses, enabling people to see better. When you remove or insert the lenses over the bathroom sink, do you suspect that bacteria and fungi prey from all sides? Exposing your eyes to serious infections? But, know this, if you keep, remove or insert your lens in the bathroom, the chances are that you’ll get an eye infection. The bathrooms are, in fact, the dirtiest rooms in our houses, from a microbiological point of view. That’s why we should keep our contact lenses away from them.


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Places Where You Shouldn’t Put And Keep Your Eye Contacts

As much as you clean your bathroom, it’ll still have some remains of bacteria and fungi. This in turn can contaminate your lens box, and the lenses inside, exposing you at risk of an eye infection. According to ophthalmologists, the working area in the kitchen is also no place where you can put or keep your lens. Namely, the food remains, dirty kitchen towels and dishcloths, as well as the dirty dishes can contaminate your contact lens.

Contact lenses, soft and hard, should not be washed with tap water. Nor should they be kept in water, in the box in which we store them. Soft lenses need to be cleaned with a multipurpose solution, made especially for the maintenance of lenses. In addition, they should be washed with a physiological saline. Hard contact lenses need to be cleaned with a detergent, and should be kept in a lens disinfectant. In addition, they can be rinsed with saline, distilled water or boiled tap water, which has been previously cooled down to room temperature. Eye doctors also add that we must wash our hands before any contact with the lens.

10 Golden Rules That You Must Follow If You Wear Contact Lenses
  1. Never keep your lenses in the bathroom, or near the working area in the kitchen.
  2. Do not use tap water to wash the lens or the lens boxes.
  3. Wash your hands before handling your lenses.
  4. The box for lenses should be replaced in every 30-90 days, and it needs to be cleaned regularly.
  5. Don’t put your lenses in your mouth, to clean them.
  6. Don’t wear your contacts while you sleep.
  7. Never wear your lenses while you shower, swim or bathe.
  8. Don’t rub your eyes when you’re wearing your contacts.
  9. Don’t leave your makeup on your contacts (smudged eye pencil, mascara, and eyeliner). Wash it right away.
  10. If an eye redness or sensitivity occurs, don’t put on your lenses. Instead, contact your ophthalmologist on what to do, to prescribe you a proper treatment.

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