Most of us turn on the air conditioner (A/C), without thinking, whenever we sit in the car and start the engine. Then we continue completing the obligations of the day. But, by doing so, we put ourselves at risk, and endanger our health and the health of those riding in the car with us. Which usually are our loved ones.


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Benzene Accumulation In A Parked Car

The point is that we always close the windows when we park outside, leading to benzene accumulation. When we put the car at a place in shade, the benzene levels can go from 400 to 800 mg per day. Moreover, if the car is parked in a sunny place, and it’s above 16° Celsius, the benzene levels may reach from 2000 to 4000 mg per day. This is 40 times above the acceptable level.

When you enter a car with closed windows, which has been sitting on the parking lot for a while, puts you at risk of inhaling high amounts of benzene. Did you know that this chemical compound is toxic and that it affects the functioning of the liver and the kidneys, as well as the bone tissue? Also, it’s a toxin that causes cancer. Moreover, eliminating it from our bodies is quite difficult and it takes a lot of time.

According to the user manuals, put in our cars by the manufacturer, state that we should always open the windows, at least for a minute or two, before starting the car’s engine. And it’s not just about improving the car’s performance. There’s another good reason for this too, which is health connected.

Here’s Why You Should Not Turn On The A/C In Your Car Right Away

Medical researches show that the A/C, the moment it’s turned on, starts to eject heated air, smelling like plastic, which is full of benzene. Only after it gets out all the heated air, it starts to cool the air.

Hence, whenever you enter your car, open the windows for a minute or two. Even if you don’t feel the smell of heated plastic. Then, turn on the A/C while the windows are still open. Try to make this a habit, which in fact can save your life! Why? Because your body is still not saturated with the toxins, and, by opening the windows, you allow them to exit the car. Otherwise, know that the consequences can be very tragic.

Air conditioners are not the only thing that can help us survive the hellish heat. You can cool your body without this appliance. For example, you can play with the car’s windows a bit. Start the car, open the window on the driver’s side and start moving. Then, close the window and open the window on the passenger’s side. Close it and once again, open the window on the driver’s side. Repeat this window game for several times, until the car is cooled a little and the air is changed.

This way, you can lower the temperature in the car by up to 10° Celsius! Many people have tried it and they testify that it works. They’re very delighted with the results. So, the next time your car is invaded with heat, try this trick!