Potatoes are used in a variety of dishes, either as a main ingredient or just as a side dish.But, have you heard about the dangers of green potatoes? The high concentration of chlorophyll gives the green color to the potato.  If you are fan of potatoes this green color, shows you the great danger that lurks upon your health!

green potato
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Why you Shouldn’t Eat Green Potatoes

As we said, the green in potatoes mainly comes from chlorophyll, a substance that is not at all toxic to our body. However, it is an indicator that points out the high quantity of solanine in the stem, the leaves or the green part of the potatoes. These two substances are synthesized literally at the same time causing the toxicity.

Scientific studies have shown that green potato contains high concentration of the toxic substance known as solanine. This substance can lead to symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, headache, diarrhea, or in the worst case scenario even death. If you happen to experience any type of these symptoms after eating potatoes, visit a doctor immediately.

Solanine poisoning most often happens when no attention to the quality of the potatoes is paid due to their shortage.

To prevent this from happening in the first place, store your potatoes in a cold and dark place. If you notice that your potatoes start spouting, you should cut off the skin and the green part of the potatoes. If  the other parts of the potato which are not green taste bitter, it’s best to throw the potato away.

Potatoes turn green when they are not kept properly, which is in a place that is too warm and humid. The warm temperature and the humidity make the potatoes to begin spouting and then turn green. When they turn green solanine starts to synthesize, and that’s how you can get a food poising from it.

We should also mention that taking one small bite out of a green potato, while not aware, shouldn’t hurt you.

For further info on the subject, watch the video down below:

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