Toilet bowl for many is the first association for bacteria and dirty surface, although we try to keep it clean as much as possible. However, there are so many items in the house that are a far greater source of infections and collect much more dirt than the toilet bowl, and we often forget to clean them.

dirty items

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Here are some things you should be cleaning as often as possible so they don’t contaminate your home.

8 Items That You Need  To Clean On Regular Basis
  1. Electronic devices

Use a microfiber cloth and a mild disinfectant depending on the cleaning instructions of the device. Be careful when you are cleaning the buttons.

  1. Toothbrush

You should close the toilet lid whenever you flush the water and hold the brush as far away from the toothbrush as possible. Dip the tip of the brush into mouth washing liquid and let it stand for a maximum of 15 minutes. You should change the toothbrush every three months.

  1. Carpets

Suction is not enough because you will not get rid of the bacteria that settle down in your carpets. Therefore, it is necessary to wash them from time to time.

  1. Handbags

Once a week, wipe the bag with a cloth with soaked water and detergent. Make sure you don’t ruin your favorite bag, by using special products for deep cleaning.

  1. Towels in the toilet

Dry the towels quickly and completely after use to prevent the formation and development of bacteria, and change them after three uses.

  1. Pet beds

It is best to wash them in a high-temperature in the washing machine. After washing, pour into the machine bleach and detergent, and turn it on one empty circle at 60 degrees.

  1. Drain in the kitchen

Do not just rinse it with hot water. At least twice a week, after preparing raw foods, spray it with antibacterial spray, and leave to stand for 10 minutes. Then, just rinse it off.

  1. Sponges

Wash them in warm water with a detergent, and then soak them for about ten minutes into a disinfectant. Some sponges can also be washed in a dishwasher. Also, change the sponge after two weeks.

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