We do not understand many things about our own body. We sneeze, stretch out, yawn, and we have no idea why! Let’s explain to you the four incredible defense mechanisms of the human body!

defense methods
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4 Weird Body Defense Processes Revealed  

This is another thing we do instinctively. When we wake up or sit down for a long time, as well as when we are tired or need to move –  the first thing we will do is stretch out. This is the result of a reflex with which the body prepares the joints for the effort that follows.


If you yawn, that’s for sure because you’re tired, boring or needy, right? It turns out that is not the main reason behind it, but completely another one.

Namely, a research done in 2014 has shown that we are yawning to reduce the brain temperature and think better. Yes, we often yawn when we are tired and sleepy, because these two things lead to brain heating, so we stabilize it with yawning.


Sneezing is another reflex that occurs when bacteria, dust, pollen and other undesirable things end up in our nose. The brain immediately issues a signal to the body to remove the intruders and that’s why you sneeze. In addition, sneezing can help the body to better position the nasal cavity if something is wrong with it.

High Pitched Sounds

We do not need to even hear a high pitched sound – it is enough just to imagine someone scratching with their nails on the blackboard and we instantly get goose bumps. But why does this and similar sounds lead us to madness? Scientists say it’s because that sound reminds us of the screams of macaque monkeys. The theory of scientists says that, at the time when we lived in groups and in the wild, the screams of these monkeys warned us that we are in danger.

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