Cumin seed has an aromatic smell, and very pleasant and warm taste. That’s why people use it as a spice. This popular spice contains several essential oils, beneficial for the human health. The main compounds are carvone, limonene, pinene, furfural and thujone.


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The active compounds in cumin seed have antioxidant effects, which positively influence the digestive organs, and acts as a carminative and anti-flatulence agents. Scientists explain that cumin has the ability to absorb cholesterol and that it contains substances that speed up metabolism.

Cumin Seed As An Effective Fat Burning And Cholesterol Lowering Tool

People who eat a tablespoon of ground cumin, three times a day, lose weight faster than people who are on a restricted diet, but do not consume the spice! This finding has been published in a recent study, conducted by researchers of the Iran’s Institute of Medical Sciences.

The study was conducted on 88 overweight women, who reduced their intake by 500 calories per day and followed advices about healthy eating. However, only one half of the participants had balanced meals three times a day, with three grams of cumin powder, dissolved in a low-fat, unsweetened yogurt. The other half simply followed a healthy and balanced diet.

After three months, the cumin group showed significant results in weight loss. On average, they lost 1.5kg more than the group of women who did not consume cumin spice. And, they reduced 14 percent of body fat! On the other hand, the women who did not consume cumin lost only 5 kilos in average, and their body fat dropped by 9 percent. In addition, the spice helped the women in the cumin group to lower their cholesterol levels by 10 units!

Responsible for these great effects are the phytosterols present in the cumin spice.

Effect of cumin powder on body composition and lipid profile in overweight and obese women.