Honey is not among perishable food and it do not spoil as some food that we buy every day. There are numerous studies that deal with the research of our food items including this nonperishable product, honey. It is known that honey after some time crystallizes, particularly at low temperatures.

crystallized honey

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Some types of honey crystallize when it is still in the honeycomb, while others remain liquid for a longer period.This mainly depends on the type of nectar that the bees bring. Honey which is rich in fructose stays longer fluent.

Moisture can also be a reason for crystallization. You probably didn’t close the jar right or you used a wet spoon or a knife when you scoop some honey out of the jar. But, don’t worry crystallized honey doesn’t mean it is spoiled. And there is a way to remove these crystals out of your jar with minimum effort.

How To Remove Crystals Out Of The Honey Jar

What you need is:

  • A large bowl
  • Hot water


What you need to do is to place the honey jar in a large bowl, but be careful to close the lid tightly. Next, pour the hot water in the bowl nicely and slowly. And that’s it!

The crystals in the honey jar will dissolve and the honey will get a nice, liquid texture like it should. If you want a faster alternative, you can put the honey jar in the microwave. Just make sure to take the lid off and leave it for 10 seconds.  After this time you should remove it from the microwave, and give it a quick stir.

If you didn’t get rid of the crystals place the honey once again in the microwave for another 10 seconds or until the crystals are dissolved completely.

We recommend checking the container that the honey is stored in before you pop it into the microwave, because sometimes this container can be made of plastic or glass that should not be exposed to high temperature.

For more info on the subject watch the video down below:

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