Comfrey is a therapeutic plant, that’s completely underrepresented in our daily lives. It has purple clustered flowers, oblong leaves, and a root that’s white on the inside and black on the outside. You can use all parts of this plant to make healing tinctures and remedies.


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Comfrey contains allantoin, an ingredient that supports the growth of new skin cells, reduces inflammation and maintains the skin healthy. Also, it’s proven effective in accelerating the healing of broken bones and pain; growths on the hands and feet; varicose veins; neck pain; amputated limbs… it’s even effective in the treatment of thinning bone tissue!

The Healing Properties Of The Comfrey Plant

As already mentioned, this plant helps treat bone pain. To be more specific, it’s effective in the treatment of pain in the lower part of the spine and vertebrae damage; pain in the shoulders, elbows and knees. Then, it’s effective in treating problems due to osteoporosis; a variety of warts and other growths; numbness in the legs and all the way to the hips; hemorrhoids; rheumatoid thickening of the muscles; gout; and circulation disorders.

All kinds of injuries, bites, bruises, wounds, blood clotting, you name it! All of these can be treated with a comfrey tincture, made of its root.

This plant contains auxin hormones, which easily create new tissue. Therefore, it helps wounds heal faster. Allantoin is another ingredient it contains. It’s an active ingredient in the root, that accelerates the regeneration and granulation of the tissue.

This herbal medicine is indispensable for tendonitis, arthritis (joint inflammation), distortion (dislocation, sprain), contusion (charge contusion), hematoma (bruising), thrombophlebitis (vein inflammation) and other. All you need to do is rub the comfrey tincture on the affected area and leave it to do its magic.

A folk saying that goes like this – Two fingers can heal properly, if you wrap them with a comfrey root – best explains the healing powers of this amazing plant.

How To Make A Tincture

Mix 100 grams of comfrey root with 700 milliliters of strong brandy in a glass bottle. Lay the bottle horizontally and put it in a dark place for 14 days. Every third day, shake the liquid. When the time passes, strain the liquid and transfer it in a dark glass bottle. Store it in a cold place.

Lubricate the affected areas with this tincture three times a day. When suffering from chronic pain, you can repeat the treatment no more than 10 consequential days. Then, make a short break. If it’s an occasional pain, use it whenever you’re affected by it. But, avoid overuse.

Note: If you don’t have pure brandy, you can always use medicinal alcohol. Also, do not drink it. It’s for external use only!