Sanitary pads, used by women during their menstrual cycle, are excellent absorbents. In addition to the menstrual cycle, you can also use them for many other purposes. And the good thing is that they are easily accessible and affordable.

sanitary pads

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6 Clever Alternative Uses Of Sanitary Pads
1. Cover Wounds And Cuts To Stop The Bleeding

They are excellent for first aid in injuries, when you do not have a bandage at hand. You can put the sanitary pad on the wound, or cut, to stop the bleeding.

2. As A Water Filter

If you are forced to drink dirty water, you can purify it by using sanitary pads. Fill a bottle with the dirty water, place a piece of sanitary pad on the opening and fix it. Transfer the water in another bottle. This water won’t be 100 percent pure, as it’ll still contain microorganisms. Hence, it’s better to boil it before drinking.

3. For Germination

Did you know that you can use a sanitary napkin for the cultivation of beans? Since they retain moisture, you can put them in a jar and produce sprouts. Make sure to place the jar near a window, where it can get a lot of sunlight. In a few days, you’ll see the seed how it starts to grow.

4. For Cleaning

A sanitary napkin, dipped in a mixture of baking soda and white vinegar, is excellent for cleaning. You can easily clean the microwave and greasy oven with it. Also, they are very useful for the fridge, absorbing the unpleasant smell.

5. An Excellent Solution For Sweating

To prevent the occurrence of sweat stains on your shirt, put sanitary pads under your armpits. You can stick them on your shirt. Also, if you have sweaty feet, put sanitary napkins in your shoes, to absorb the sweat. Some formula drivers even put sanitary napkins beneath the helmet, to prevent sweat drops from falling into their eyes and blurring their vision.

6. Put Them In Your Bra

It’s an ideal solution for pregnant women. Put a sanitary pad in your bra to absorb the leaking breast milk.