Simply said, winter is the most difficult time of the year for your sinuses! With all those viruses around, it’s easy to catch a cold and get stuck with a congested nose.


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There are many causes of nasal congestion, and here are the 4 most common:

– Rhinitis – is an inflammation of the nasal cavity, and can be allergic and non-allergic.
– Common colds, viruses – this causes germination, nasal leakage, and headache.
– Sinus infection, which is very common.
– Allergies – if you suspect of allergy, you should consult a health expert.

Congested sinuses are often accompanied with a headache, a weakened sense of smell, difficulty talking and difficulty sleeping. While most people use nasal sprays to ease the congestion, I’m not a fan of such chemical solutions. Thus, I managed to find a completely natural way to deal with this discomfort.

In today’s article, we show you how to get rid of congested sinuses in a completely natural way. It’s pretty simple! All you need to do is massage your face!

How To Massage Congested Sinuses

Rub your hands against each other, to warm them up. Warm fingers are much more pleasant for your sinuses, and they will help you avoid muscle tension. You can also put a little bit of almond oil on them, to ease the massage and stimulate relaxation with the scent.

Find the supraorbital notches, or the small indentations on your eye sockets. They are at the site where the eyebrow ridge meets the nose bridge.

Apply pressure on the indentations with your thumbs, to relieve sinus congestion, tired eyes, cold symptoms, and headache. If the pressure of your thumbs is too strong for you, you can always use the index fingers.

Apply firm and pleasant pressure for 1 to 2 minutes. Then, still applying pressure, start to move your fingers in a circular motion, for another 2 minutes. As you do the massage, keep your eyes closed.

Now, let’s move on to your cheeks. Position your thumbs on your cheeks, in parallel to your nostrils. Instead of your thumbs, you can also use the first and middle fingers.

Apply constant and firm pressure for about 1 minute, and then start massaging your cheek area for 2 minutes, in a circular motion. This will help you relieve sinus pain and nasal congestion.

If you feel any pain, it’s recommendable to stop the massage. But, a slightly intense feeling is completely normal due to the accumulation of pressure in your sinus cavities.

Targeted Sinus Massage
Frontal Sinuses

The frontal sinuses are situated in the forehead region, right behind the brow ridges. Put your index and middle fingers, previously rubbed with almond oil, between the eyebrows. In a circular motion, move your fingers towards the temples, applying firm and constant pressure. Repeat 10 times.

Nasal Sinuses

The nasal sinuses consist of the ethmoidal and sphenoidal sinuses. Warm up your hands with a little bit of almond oil. Apply firm and constant pressure with your middle fingers on the bridge of your nose, in an up and down motion. When moving up, massage the corners of your eyes in a circular motion. Repeat 10 times.

Be careful not to touch your eyes, because the almond oil may harm them.

Maxillary Sinuses

These are paranasal sinuses, and are located on the sides of the nose, below the cheeks. With your oil and warm index fingers, apply firm pressure on your cheeks, near the nostrils. Then, using a circular motion, massage your cheeks towards your ears. Repeat 10 times.

How To Prevent Sinus Congestion

1. Don’t smoke! Smoking cigarettes can exacerbate the state of the sinus mucous membranes and aggravate the condition. So, if you are a smoker, ditch the cigarettes for a week or two! If you’re a non-smoker, avoid smoky rooms.

2. Healthy nutrition is the best path to strong immunity, and strong immunity means better resistance to seasonal viruses.

3. Regular physical activity, along with proper nutrition, is the best prerequisite for good health and strong immunity.

4. Drink plenty of water. Otherwise, you can dehydrate and trigger a number of health problems, among which sinus congestion.

5. Wash your hands regularly, especially during the season of common colds and flu.

6. Keep your home clean! Regular vacuuming and dust removal can help you eliminate the potential triggers of congested sinuses.

How to Massage Your Sinuses