Have you heard of the Chinese gender prediction table? It’s a real hit among modern parents! There are several methods to determine the sex of the child. But, no one can claim that they are completely reliable.

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Determine The Gender Of The Child In Pregnancy With The Help Of Chinese Gender Table

The Chinese conception calendar was allegedly found near Beijing in the tomb of one of the Chinese emperors, and it was made about 700 years ago. The Chinese believe that with the help of this table, you can easily find out the sex of a child. The only two pieces of information that are important to determine the sex of the baby are the age of the mother at the time of conception, as well as the date when the baby was conceived.

In the column, find the date when the conception likely occurred. The numbers from 18 to 45 are offered on the side, which is the age of the mother when she conceived. If you’re not sure which month you got pregnant, you can check with your gynecologist, or remember the last time you had your period, and calculate when it’s ended.

Now, when you know how old you were when you conceived, cross the two columns that correspond to you. In the cross-section, you will get a box of blue or pink. The blue color means you will get a boy, and the pink means that you are carrying a girl.

In the meantime enjoy your pregnancy. Whether the calendar is correct or not – you will know when you deliver the baby. Of course, don’t take the calendar too seriously; understand it as an entertainment that appeals to the ancient Chinese tradition.

Therefore, resolve this test to see if the calendar in your case has proved to be correct. You can also check for already-born children – you just need to know the month of conception.

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