Can you imagine a morning without coffee? Coffee is the most popular black drink all over the world. Many people cannot start their day without it. However, there’s an ongoing polemic about the health effects of this drink. Some claim that it has some positive health effects, while others say that it dangerous to the health. In any case, perhaps you should consider drinking a healthier alternative to coffee. Have you ever heard of chicory coffee?

chicory coffee

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What Is Chicory Coffee?

Chicory is a medicinal plant, which grows almost like a weed. This plant wasn’t particularly interesting until we discovered its health benefits. But nowadays, it’s very valued as a healthier alternative to coffee. The roasted and ground chicory root is similar to instant coffee, and is widely used to prepare a “healthy” coffee. Chicory coffee does not contain caffeine, but it has a similar taste to coffee. It’s natural and absolutely safe for everyday consumption. Some people even like drinking white chicory coffee, which is prepared with milk instead of water.

How To Prepare Chicory Coffee

You can prepare white chicory coffee, or black. Also, if you like your drink to be stronger, you can mix it with plain black coffee.

First, go to a well-stocked supermarket, or a healthy food store, and buy natural, roasted and ground chicory root.

To prepare the white coffee, put one scoop of chicory grounds in a cup and fill it with warm milk. Leave it for 5 minutes and then drink. You can also add half a teaspoon of honey in the hot drink, if you like to sweeten things up.

Black coffee is usually prepared by mixing chicory grounds with instant black coffee, in a ratio 3:1, and adding a cup of scalding hot water. Or, if you like, you can use only chicory grounds.

Health Benefits

Chicory contains polyphenols, inulin, vitamin A, B5, C, K, folate and other nutrients. It’s considered to be a very powerful antioxidant and it helps strengthen the immune system. In addition, the inulin found in this plant is with a higher concentration than in any other plant containing inulin. Due to its rich inulin content, chicory is suitable for diabetics and it helps lower the blood sugar levels. (Do not confuse it with insulin.)

In the traditional medicine, chicory is widely used for the preparation of many different types of medicinal tea, tonics and syrups.

This plant contains bitter substances that have a very positive effect on the work of the digestive system. In addition, chicory stimulates the secretion of bile and acts as a natural purifier for the liver, blood and the entire organism.

Chicory Root: The Coffee Substitute that Treats Diabetes, Constipation & Osteoarthritis