Red bumps on our body are quite common, but rarely one knows what is actually happening and whether there is a cause for concern because there are several types of these bumps.

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Types Of Anginomas That Can Appear On Your Skin

The most recognizable are cherry angioma in the form of a mole. Cherry angioma appears in the form of a small bulge on the body. They are mostly red, but they can be blue, black, and a combination of these colors. As we grow older, their number increases, especially after the age of 40. They can occur in any part of the body, although they usually appear on your torso.

Basically, there is no reason to panic when you notice them on the body. If there is a change in their appearance or they start bleeding, you should contact your doctor.

Although this is the most common red mole, also called cherry angioma because of its shape, it is not the only one angioma.

The other type of angioma is the spider angioma. They can go by the name: vascular spider, spider veins, and nevus araneus.

These are red skin lesions just like a spider web, and in the center, the color is more intense and round. They can occur at any age, but in women, they appear especially in the period of increased estrogen function (for example, during pregnancy). Spider angioma sometimes indicates poor functioning of the liver.

In most cases, it is absolutely unnecessary to remove them because they are harmless skin tumors. People mostly opt for removal for aesthetic reasons, and the procedure is similar to the removal of ordinary moles, with laser treatments or chemical injections. Rarely, there is a need for surgical removal of the spider angiomas.

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Facts About Red Moles
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