Nearly 4 percent of the population suffers from tingling, numbness and pain in the hand, caused by this disorder. Have you ever heard about Carpal tunnel syndrome? What causes Carpal tunnel syndrome is a pressure on the median nerve in the area of the wrist.

Carpal tunnel syndrome

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If you have these symptoms, you can easily identify it: pain, weakness, loss of hand function, difficulties when trying to grab something, mild occasional numbness, tingling and burning sensation. These symptoms are usually worse at night, than during the day. Even though the syndrome can go away on its own, there is a risk of causing permanent damage to the affected nerves and muscles.

What Causes Carpal Tunnel Syndrome (CTS) And How To Treat It?

Here’s what increases the chances of getting CTS:

– Diabetes
– Hypothyroidism
– Lupus
– Pregnancy
– Arthritis
– Fractures of the wrist, arm or neck
– Abnormal wrist anatomy
– Multiple Sclerosis
– Smoking

All these conditions can cause swelling and a tightening sensation inside the carpal tunnel, causing pressure to the median nerve in the area of the wrist.

If you experience mild symptoms of CTS, you have nothing to worry about. You can fix this in the comforts of your home. Just relax your wrist and avoid activities with your hand. Or, if you have to use the hand, relax it in-between work. You can also try with cold compresses. Take a couple of ice cubes and hold them on your wrist for 10-15 min. Yet another great option is to wear a wrist support. By fixing the wrist, it won’t allow too much movement. In addition, every now and then, stretch your wrists cautiously.

When you’re treating CTS, you should do the following:

– Avoid vibrating tools, if possible.
– Avoid resting your wrists on hard surfaces, for long periods.
– When holding heavy objects, don’t use just your fingers. Instead, use the whole hand.
– On a computer, adjust the height of the chair, so that your forearms are levelled with the keyboard and mouse. Whenever you type, place your hands a little higher than your wrists.
– Switch your hands whenever you’re working with them for a longer period.

If your pain is unbearable, consult your doctor for proper treatment. Health specialists sometimes may prescribe a corticosteroid therapy, or suggest a CTS surgery.

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