Many women spend their entire life wearing a bra that does not correspond in size to their breasts, without having any idea about it. However, there is a technique which will always allow you to know that you have chosen a bra that fits you perfectly.

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This method will also point out when it is time to finally get rid of your bra.

How To Choose The Right Bra For You

Most women choose a bra model that looks cute and they always buy the same size, regardless of the size and shape of their breast. However, the fact is that our body is changing and maybe the bra that we wear today will not fit us rightly tomorrow. In this article, we will show you a great technique so that you will never buy a wrong size bra again.

When buying a bra, it must be narrow enough that when you first close it on the first hook, you can push two fingers beneath the back bend. As you wear it more and more, it will stretch, and you will move the hook to the next row. When you reach the last hook, and you can push three or more fingers, it’s time to buy a new bra and throw the old one away.

Moreover, it is much more important to adjust the width of the bra. The cups of the bra are less important because the back strap is responsible for 80 percent of the breast support.

Don’t forget to try the bra, because each model is different. By the appearance of the model, you can’t determine whether the bra is of the appropriate size for you. In addition, bras differ by straps. It is good to know for what occasion you are buying a bra and under what clothes you are going to wear it.

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