Peppers of different colors and shapes, hot, sweet, large and small, yellow, green, red are represented in the culinary traditions around the world.

bell peppers

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Peppers are a very good source of vitamin C, which makes them a great food for boosting immunity. Statistics show that peppers contain up to five times more vitamin C comparing to lemons and oranges.

They contain significant amounts of vitamin B complex, which are important for numerous functions in the body, primarily for appetite and metabolism. Peppers contain both anti-cancerous vitamin E and a smaller proportion of important minerals. This is why you should include bell peppers in your nutrition.

Soon, the picking season for bell peppers is approaching, and this advice will be golden.

How To Choose The Best Bell Peppers For Your Meals

In various articles across the Internet, you can find information that male peppers have three, and female bell peppers have four bulges. This information is not correct, but you still need to check how many bulges have the pepper you want to buy, because it will greatly affect its taste and preparation.

Namely, bell peppers grow as hermaphrodites, which mean they have both male and female reproductive organs. This means that peppers don’t have gender despite the fact that many articles are saying so. Each pepper has between two and five bulges, and most often we encounter those with three or four.

And what does this mean in practical life? Experts say that the peppers with three bulges are best for cooking and baking, and those with four are a great choice for frying because they are sweeter and have more seeds.

Now you know, so be sure to pay attention to this detail at the market or in the shop when choosing bell peppers for the preparation of different dishes.

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