Some types of coffee have a higher concentration of acid, which can upset your stomach. Especially if you drink coffee more than once a day. To reduce the unwanted effects of the acid and to ease the digestion, all you need to do is add the all-purpose white powder, known as baking soda, in your morning coffee.

baking soda

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Neutralize Coffee Acidity With Baking Soda

Sodium bicarbonate, recognized by most people as baking soda, can be used to neutralize the acidity of coffee. Also, it’s an outstanding trick that helps the human body overcome the troubles that may occur after an excessive consumption of fatty and sweet foods.

Sodium bicarbonate has anti-inflammatory, anti-allergic and antifungal properties.

1/8 teaspoon, or a pinch of baking soda, added in the coffee grounds will do the trick and reduce the acid in this drink. Do not worry about the taste, as you’re adding way too small amount of sodium bicarbonate, to change the taste. Your morning coffee will smell and taste the same! You won’t even notice!

Does this baking soda-coffee mix sound familiar to you? Or is it the first time you hear about it? Experts say that the baking soda has the ability to “slay” the acidity in the human body.

But, you should be careful and avoid excessive use. Don’t use this white powder on an everyday basis. Two times a week should be enough. Otherwise, you may trigger some side effects, such as reduced calcium absorption; increased incidence of gases; and other unwanted impacts on the digestive tract.

If you didn’t know, the worse mixture that causes the most side effects in the human body is cream and coffee, as the cream additionally increases the body’s acidity. So, people who have a reactive stomach should stay away from coffee creamers. Instead, you can use cinnamon, cardamom or vanilla sticks, to spice up your coffee and reduce the acidity of this drink.

What are the best ways to reduce the acidity of coffee without totally affecting taste?