Having a mild condition of cracked heels is more of an aesthetic problem than health related. But, if the cracks start to become deeper, there’s a risk of bacteria entering into the cracks, making them susceptible to infections. To avoid this risk, it is necessary to solve the problems with cracked heels, as well as the other foot problems, as quickly as possible.


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The thick and rough skin on the heels occurs because of excess dead skin cells, usually caused by decreased blood circulation and reduced skin elasticity. Very often, pumice stone is found to be quite helpful, especially if used after a bath or a shower, when the skin is softer. If the sole use of pumice does not help, then try using the remedy we describe in the text below.

Aspirin For The Treatment Of Cracked Heels, Calluses And Corns

This very effective remedy will help you treat cracked heels, calluses and corns in less than 10 days.


– 10 pills of aspirin
– 250ml of medicinal alcohol (70 percent)

Preparation method:

Crush the pills of aspirin, so that they turn to dust. Then mix them with the medicinal alcohol and stir until they dissolve. Pour the resulting tincture a glass bottle or jar, and leave it for 1 to 2 days.


Before every use, shake the tincture. Every night, before going to bed, dip a cotton pad in the tincture and put in on the problematic area of your foot. Then, wrap the foot with a plastic foil, and put on socks. Leave the remedy overnight.

In the morning, wash your feet with lukewarm water. Pat them dry with a cotton towel and then generously apply some foot cream, or glycerin. Before applying the cream, you can also clean them with a brush, or a pumice stone. Repeat the treatment once a day, for 10 consequential days.

After the tenth treatment, you’ll notice incredibly improved results. This remedy will solve all your foot problems. The rough skin and cracks, the annoying and often painful calluses and corns… they’ll all be gone.