Drinking apple cider vinegar – honey mixture on an empty stomach, each morning, brings a lot of benefits for the overall health. Wondering what? Keep on reading!

apple cider vinegar

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Chronic diseases can change the way you live, steal away your energy and cause many other problems. If you have a busy schedule, consume processed foods and unhealthy beverages, and, as most people do, live under constant stress, we have excellent news for you. There’s a solution that will help you balance your life!

With an unhealthy and improper diet, the body’s acidity increases and the pH levels decrease, causing many different diseases, inflammations, infections and lack of vigor and energy. Fortunately, there is a natural and affordable remedy that can help treat these conditions, i.e. apple cider vinegar – honey mixture. Apple cider vinegar helps alkalize the body and regulates pH levels, preparing the system to fight diseases and germs.

There are many other factors that can cause diseases, such as the emotional, genetic and environmental factors. However, proper diet and healthy lifestyle hold the key of how the human body responds to them. For this reason, we bring you this remarkable drink that helps reduce pain and inflammation in the joints and muscles, and improves digestion.

Mixing Apple Cider Vinegar With Honey

Essentially, apple cider vinegar is fermented apple juice. In addition to the large amount of citric acid, it also contains essential minerals and vitamins, and pectin.

On the other hand, honey is a sweet, thick fluid made by bees, containing minerals like zinc, potassium, iron, magnesium, calcium and copper. Also, it is full of vitamins, such as thiamine, riboflavin, B6, nicotinic acid and pantothenic acid. Make sure to always choose raw honey, as it has more nutrients.

Health Benefits Of The Apple Cider Vinegar – Honey Mixture

– Reduces pain in the joints;
– Helps treat constipation, indigestion, heartburn and acid reflux;
– Reduces bad cholesterol levels (LDL);
– Helps regulate blood pressure;
– Promotes weight loss;
– Improves skin condition;
– Helps get rid of toxins;
– Alleviates sore throat;
– Boosts energy levels;
– Helps get rid of bad breath;
– Treats inflammation.

Prepare The Recipe

– 1 tsp. of raw honey
– 1 tbsp. of apple cider vinegar (ideally would be to use organic)
– A cup of lukewarm water


Pour the ingredients in a bowl and mix well, until they combine. Drink the apple cider vinegar – honey mixture in the morning, about 20 minutes before having breakfast. Afterwards, drink a glass of water, to flush the mixture down.

Note: If you’re already taking laxatives, diuretics or diabetes medicines, avoid drinking large amounts of apple cider vinegar. Also, consult your doctor before you start using this natural remedy.