According to the folk medicine, wool can relieve you of pain in the muscles, joints and spine, and it can increase your blood circulation. Well, there’s truth in this statement. Namely, wool is one the healthiest thermo-regulating materials, used for clothing, footwear and blankets. Moreover, it has powerful healing properties, which have found their use in hospitals and home care.


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People have been using this material for centuries, to relieve toothaches, headaches and back pain, by putting a few pieces of genuine natural wool on the sore spot. Wool is a naturally grown fiber, obtained from sheep. Its pure natural form is not treated with any chemicals, and it’s covered with animal wax, known as lanolin. This fatty substance is a dense mass of yellow, or yellow-brown color, with a characteristic odor. It melts at body temperature, and thereby it is easily absorbed by the human body, where it acts as a soothing agent for the pain.

If you’re using linens made of natural wool, it’s like you’re sleeping with a natural remedy in your bed. With its thermo-regulating properties, and the lanolin slowly absorbing into your skin, it will make all your pain disappear.

Amazing Wool Facts

Wool is not just a warming and comforting material. As we already mentioned, it also has many healing properties. In the text below, we show you the amazing benefits of using this textile material:


Wool allows our skin to breathe more easily, by transmitting the moisture through the material.

Regulation Of Moisture And Bacteria

While we sleep, our bodies release moisture. According to some studies, this can add up to 1 liter per night. The only natural material that can absorb this moisture and keep our bodies dry is wool. While it promotes circulation of air, wool also controls the growth of bacteria. Wonder how? By taking the moisture away from the human’s skin, it prevents the conditions that support bacterial growth and development.

Body Temperature Control

Wool is considered to be a natural insulator for the human body. To be more specific, it helps maintain a perfect body temperature, of about 37⁰ Celsius.

According to some studies, wool socks have shown to be a very effective remedy against Raynaud’s disease. This is an ailment affecting the small arteries in the human body, causing them to narrow by limiting the blood supply. And as a secondary effect, it comes to cold and numb fingers and toes. Since wool helps improve circulation, it is considered a great thermo-regulating treatment for Raynaud’s disease.

What’s also great about this material is that it’s light weighted, mold resistant, long lasting, fast drying and flame resistant. You ought to have one, right?

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