Essential oils are extremely beneficial. Among the other things, they have proven to promote skin health and beauty, and help prevent hair loss. Hence, many cosmetics companies add them in their skin and hair care products. However, in order to enjoy the benefits that the essential oils have to offer, you don’t have to necessarily buy cosmetic products. You can always make your own, more natural skin and hair care products.


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With the stressful lifestyle people have nowadays, hair loss is a common problem. It affects both, men and women. And while men might not be that sensitive about this aesthetic problem, women try to fight it in every possible way. In this article, we show a simple, and yet very effective DIY recipe that fights hair loss. And all you need to have is a pH neutral shampoo, and two more ingredients – an essential oil and vitamin E capsules.

DIY Shampoo Against Hair Loss

Yes, that’s right. This DIY shampoo can help you solve the problem of intensified hair loss.

Get a pH neutral shampoo, whichever you prefer the most. Then, add 10 drops of rosemary or lemon essential oil (or use them both if you like to, in a 1:1 ratio), and 2 capsules of vitamin E. Poke the vitamin capsules with a needle and squeeze the contents into the shampoo. Shake the bottle of shampoo, so that the ingredients combine.

Use the resulting shampoo instead of your regular shampoo. Massage your entire hair and scalp for about 2 minutes, and then leave it to do its magic for about 10 minutes. Rinse with lukewarm water. After a few treatments, you’ll notice amazing results of improvement!

Do not give up only after a month of usage, but be persistent. The hair growth results are inevitable, it’s just that they need more time to show. In about 6 months of use, you’ll be extremely satisfied!