Water means life. This liquid can bring many health benefits to the human body. These include getting rid of toxins, aiding weight loss, better skin health, etc. And recently, scientists have found that water can also reduce the risk of diabetes. Also, if you’re already a diabetic, it can help decrease the blood sugar levels.


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A new study, published in the journal Diabetologia, examined the connection between the consumption of sugary drinks and the different risks of developing type 2 diabetes.

Can Water Reduce Your Chance Of Getting Diabetes?

In the study, the experts used the detailed data of participants in a British epidemiological research. They analyzed the dietary habits of 25,000 men and women, ranging from 40 to 79 years of age. The participants were followed for 11 years, during which period 847 of them developed diabetes.

The results showed that there’s an increased risk of developing diabetes when people frequently consume sweet drinks. These include fruit juice; sweetened tea or coffee; diet cola; dairy drinks; soft drinks with sugar or with artificial sweeteners; and so on.

It’s been estimated that if we replace one serving of a sugar-sweetened soft drink, or a dairy drink, with water or with unsweetened tea/coffee, we can lower the risk of diabetes by 14-25 percent. Moreover, it’s considered that about 15 percent of diabetes cases can be prevented if the respondents reduce their sugar intake (sweetened beverages) by 2 percent of the total daily energy intake.

Interestingly, what’s been noticed is that if we replace the sugar-sweetened drinks with drinks that contain artificial sweeteners, we’re not reducing the risk of metabolic diseases.

Also, if our body is dehydrated, the kidneys are forced to retain the water we already have. This happens because of the rising levels of the pituitary hormone, known as vasopressin. This hormone can also affect the liver, causing it to produce more blood sugar. This in turn leads to a forced production of insulin.

The bottom line is that an optimal and balanced consumption of water will keep our bodies hydrated during the day, enabling us to exploit the benefits.

Replacing sugary drinks with water may reduce diabetes risk
Replacing one serving of sugary drink per day by water or unsweetened tea or coffee cuts risk of type 2 diabetes, study shows