With the advancements of technology, our homes are becoming better insulated and more energy efficient than ever. This is convenient when it comes to saving on heating bills, but insufficient air circulation and warm air can often detain various toxins and bacteria.

indoor plants

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Our homes, and therefore our bedrooms too, are often filled with chemicals such as benzene, formaldehyde, and ammonia. These toxins come from the various household items we use, and contaminate our homes without any visual warnings.

The worst is that we breathe all of these toxins, without even knowing how harmful they are for the overall human health.

A few examples of household pollutants are:

– Adhesives
– Floor coverings, and especially new carpets
– Cleaning chemicals, commonly used in the household (if possible, try to switch them with organic, natural cleaning products)
– Insulation materials
– Paint colors

Fortunately, instead of using expensive air purifiers, you can cleanse the air of your home completely naturally. And all you need to do is get a few indoor plants and take care of them. This is a way cheaper solution, and plus, you’ll decorate your home!

Indoor Plants That Promote Good Sleep

If you’re sleep deprived and tired, then you cannot concentrate at work. You won’t have enough energy to play with your children, you’ll be irritable and prone to diseases.

Since good sleep is very important for your everyday functioning and health, we found a few indoor plants that purify the air and chase away sleepless nights. These are plants, for which experts say that are great for the bedroom and promote better quality of sleep.

Chose one or several of these indoor plants, and put them in the bedroom.

1. Jasmine

The scent of the jasmine plant has a calming effect on the human mind and body, and it is of great help when it comes to solving your sleeping problems.

2. Lavender

This plant soothes and slows down accelerated heart rate, and helps regulate elevated blood pressure levels. Put it next to your bed, so you can feel its scent. What’s also good is a lavender bath. Before bedtime, treat your body and mind with a bath enriched with a few drops of lavender essential oil. Even putting a bag of dried lavender next to your bed will help!

Here you can find all that you need to know about growing lavender at home.

3. Gardenia

The pleasant and light scent of this plant is perfect for sleeping, just as any sleeping pill.

4. Viper’s bowstring hemp

Or, as it’s commonly called the snake plant. Even though it’s hard to connect good sleep with a snake, this plant really helps. Unlike other plants, it purifies the air at night, transforming carbon dioxide into oxygen. It is even recommended by the scientists of NASA.

5. Aloe Vera

Its effects in the bedroom are the same as the ones of the snake plant. It releases oxygen at night, and therefore it improves the quality of your sleep.

6. Common Ivy

This plant is at the top of the lists of NASA, as a plant that is an excellent air purifier. Common ivy absorbs formaldehyde, a colorless and toxic gas, found in many items that we keep at home, such as pressed wood, air fresheners, plastic items, cosmetics, and so on.

7. Golden Creeper

People also know it as coughbush. It is an excellent air purifier, as it absorbs the benzene from the indoor air.

8. Gerbera

This plant absorbs the toxins and carbon dioxide from the air, converting it into oxygen. According to experts, it is recommendable for people who suffer from sleep apnea and other breathing disorders.

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