Nice smile awakens interest, attracts people and facilitates social interaction. Regular consumption of coffee and tea, smoking for years and avoiding the dental chair are factors that contribute to the development of unexposed spots on the teeth. This is a slow process and therefore you need to pay special attention to proper oral hygiene.

teeth discoloration

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Smoking causes pigmentation appearance on the teeth, and in some cases a complete change in the color of the teeth. To get rid of discoloration and plaque you should whiten your teeth. However, this treatment is expensive and can damage the tooth enamel which can make your teeth weak and more susceptible to caries.

In this article, we will give you useful tips for natural tooth whitening and we hope that we will give you an answer to the frequently asked question these days, which is- how to protect and whiten your teeth?

How To Get Rid Of Teeth Discoloration Naturally

Cigarettes are the worst enemy of your teeth because they leave undue stains. Smoking leaves first gray and after a while black spots on the teeth, which can all agree it’s very ugly looking. Tobacco pigments penetrate the teeth and gums and cause serious damage. You can identify heavy smokers just by yellowish, stained teeth. If you are a smoker yourself, we suggest you quit this nasty habit as soon as possible.

Once you’ve quit smoking, you can return the color of your teeth in no time with these amazing natural treatments.

Banana peel

Rub your teeth once or twice a day with the inside of the banana peel for a few minutes. The effect is visible after ten days of the first application.

Baking soda

This is one of the most famous fighters against the teeth discoloration. All you need is to soak the toothbrush in water and put a little bit of baking soda on it. Brush your teeth for twenty seconds and rinse your mouth with water. In the baking soda, you can add activated charcoal for even more powerful effect.

Green clay powder

Green clay is available in herbal pharmacies and natural cosmetics stores. This natural product can help you get rid of teeth discoloration and plaque. What you need to do is apply a little bit of the powder on a damp toothbrush and use it just like you use toothpaste. Just rinse your mouth with water and that’s it.


Strawberries are also very effective for teeth whitening. You should take one strawberry and mash it then brush your teeth with it. Strawberries contain malic acid that is used in many products for teeth whitening.  The high amount of vitamin C will stimulate the salivary glands to produce saliva and protect your teeth and gums.

Apple Cider vinegar

Once a week (no longer), it is recommended to wash or brush your teeth slightly with a little bit of apple vinegar but after that, rinse your mouth with plenty of water. You can also use hydrogen peroxide solution dissolved in water and use it as a mouthwash.

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