Have you ever wondered whether you can do something useful with banana peels? Or you just throw them in the trash, without even considering that they can be of use.Think twice the next time you have banana peels in your hands. The following article shows you how they can be beneficial for you.


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Stain removal and teeth whitening. More and more people nowadays are in the search for the perfect Hollywood smile. Millions of dollars are spent each year across the globe for teeth whitening products, laser whitening procedures and operations. Wouldn’t it be great if you can save your teeth from chemicals and extreme, invading laser procedures and at the same time save your money ? The solution is simple. You can use banana peels to brighten your smile. The combination of acids, potassium, magnesium and manganese in banana peels will effectively remove the stains on your teeth and will make them pearly white without damaging the enamel.

Using a banana peel is never a substitute for brushing teeth with toothpaste. You should always do them both if you want to have a clean and white smile. Start by rubbing the inner white side of a fresh banana peel on the surface of your teeth for about two minutes, until you get them coated with banana paste. Leave the paste for about ten minutes and then brush your teeth with toothpaste, to remove the residue. Use the banana peels only once. By making this your daily cleaning routine, you will have visible results in about two weeks – whiter enamel without the use of potentially harmful chemicals.

Kill warts. Caused by the human papillomavirus, or HPV, warts are considered to be skin abnormalities, or skin excess growths. Although warts usually disappear by their own, a known treatment to expedite healing is the usage of banana peels.

The banana skin contains a lot of potassium, about 40 percent of the total potassium content found in an entire banana. The unique combination of potassium and essential fatty acids contained in banana peels benefits your skin and makes them effective in treating skin abnormalities. Apply the inside of a ripe banana peel directly onto the skin surface, enough to cover the wart area. Secure the peel with a medical tape and leave it overnight. When repeated daily, this treatment will help kill the wart in one to 12 weeks.

Remove a splinter painlessly. We have all done it, cutting and scraping our skin on rough surfaces, ending up with annoying splinters, difficult to remove. A useful trick to ease the removal of splinters is using a banana peel. Cover the affected area with the inside of a fresh banana peel, secure it with a medical tape and leave it for few hours, or overnight. The enzymes of the banana peel will soften your skin and open the skin’s pores, making the splinter move towards the surface for easier pulling.

Calm an itchy bug bite. Itchy bites, we all hate them! If you’re looking for a fast, chemical-free remedy to soothe the itchy bug bites and to stop the swelling, to calm down stings and skin irritations, then the banana peels are the right thing for you. They are rich in acids, vitamins and polysaccharides, which penetrate into the skin cells and help reduce swellings, curb inflammations, ease itching and pain, all within minutes. The treatment is simple: rub moist, ripe banana peels on the inflamed areas. You will feel the releasing effects almost instantly.

Faster bruise healing process. Bruises happen to all of us, and very often, we don’t even know when they appeared. Our bodies have natural healing mechanisms that help bruises heal and disappear in a few days. However, from time to time, when having larger bruises, it is better to consider using remedies instead of waiting for the bruise to heal by itself. Applying a ripe banana peel on the outside hurting skin area will speed up the healing process and will accelerate the bruise’s disappearance. The treatment is simple. Cover the bruise area with a ripe banana peel and start gently rubbing it for about a minute. Leave the peel on the hurting area for 10 to 15 minutes, giving enough time to the enzymes of the banana peel to penetrate into your skin cells and to boost their recovery process. Repeat this treatment twice a day until the bruise disappears from your skin.