Ladies, the first thing you need to know about your intimate area is that you should not use too many cosmetic products, filled with chemicals. Body lotions, balms, shower gels and soaps are only a few of the wide array of products for intimate care, offered on the market. On the other hand, you mustn’t neglect your vagina’s hygiene.

intimate area

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Nowadays, there’s too much information surrounding us, indicating what we should or shouldn’t do. Hence, we did our research and found the basic rules which all women should follow when it comes to taking care of the intimate area. Know that breaking these rules can really harm your vagina’s health.

Basic Rules About The Intimate Area, Which All Women Should Follow
1. Forget About V-Steam

Vaginal steaming can be really hot, hence you can burn your intimate area, which is very delicate and gentle. Moreover, it can disrupt the good bacteria in the vaginal flora. Since the vagina is a self-cleaning organ, it doesn’t need any additional, direct action to stay clean and healthy. What you can do here, in order to improve the cleaning abilities of your vagina, is to increase the yogurt intake, filled with good bacteria. This will help you keep your intimate area free of yeast infections.

2. Self-Medication And Self-Treatment Are Not A Clever Choice

As medical experts say, whenever you notice that there’s a problem in your genital area, and no matter how harmless it may seem, you should always consult a gynecologist. And it’s preferable to do so as soon as possible. Forget about self-prescribed vaginal creams and suppositories, which you intent to use for a supposed infection. Especially, do not use every natural remedy that you’ll find on the Internet. As already mentioned, always consult a gynecologist for proper diagnosis and treatment.

3. Inserting Non-Sterile Objects Is Never A Good Idea

If you are sexually active, then you already know what should and shouldn’t go into the vagina. It’s preferable to follow the rules of the nature. Gynecologists do not recommend experimenting with this part of the body.

4. Stop Washing Your Vagina Too Often

Do you know how your vagina is supposed to smell? Let us give you a hint: it’s not a tropical breeze, or roses. Every vagina has its own specific smell. Your vagina has self-cleaning abilities, and does not need any special help. Hence, washing your vagina too often can only disrupt the good flora and microbiota, living in the vagina.

A small piece of advice. Whenever you feel a need to refresh your intimate area, use the simplest method possible and always tend to use pH neutral products. Wash your vagina with a mild soap, made of natural ingredients only, and warm water. Or do a chamomile rinse. But only on the outside. Be careful not to exaggerate.