In today’s generation, among the most common diseases that a person may suffer, is cancer. The reason for this is owed to several factors, one of which is our daily lifestyle.


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It is a fact that as an individual, your health is an essential ingredient in order to succeed in life. Thus, a healthy body and mind are highly required in order to complete the tasks that you have set out to do over a specific period of time. Meanwhile, due to your very hectic schedule, you can’t afford to get sick. You get stressed, tense and pressured due to your working environment, due to the workload as well as other factors that may lead to a serious disease.

Looking at the bright side, there are alternative solutions that can help us beat many different diseases, and cancer one of them. What we all know is that one of the best ways to win the fight against this particular type of diseases is to establish a food plan, which can help you keep your health.

Here we show you a few superfoods, which can help you prevent or survive this malignant disease.

Superfoods To Beat Cancer
Cruciferous Vegetables

Health experts often recommend that eating cruciferous vegetables is very beneficial to an individual’s health. These types of vegetables contain protective enzymes that help fight the threats of cancer. As an advice, we would suggest you to try to incorporate them in your everyday diet. Think of making dishes with broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower, Brussels sprouts, arugula, etc.

According a study published by the University of Michigan, these vegetables have a sulforaphane chemical, which attacks the cancer stem cells and help prevent the growth of a tumor. Among the many, this chemical can help beat liver, prostate, skin, stomach, bladder, breast and lung cancer.


All varieties of berries have anticancer properties. They can help fight colon, oral, esophageal, as well as skin cancer. This super fruit is composed of cancer-fighting phytonutrients, which help reduce the risk of the disease. To give you some point, black raspberries contain anthocyanins, chemicals that can help slow down the formation of pre-malignant cells. Even more important, these chemicals protect the new blood vessels from the growth of cancerous tumors, which can further worsen the disease.


Based on studies, women who eat a lot of garlic have a 50 percent lower risk of colon cancer. Garlic has proven to be very efficient in the prevention of esophageal, colon, breast as well as stomach cancer. Moreover, it also has phytochemicals, which can stop the growth of nitrosamines and carcinogens in a human’s stomach.


According to a study conducted by the Michigan State University, black and navy beans are important foods to include in your diet. They have proven to be very effective in reducing the risk of malignant growths in the large intestine.

If you want to win the fight against cancer, we strongly suggest you to include the aforementioned super foods in your diet. Apart from preventing this malignant disease, you also have the chance of improving your mental, physical, emotional as well as social well-being. So, what are you waiting for? Win the war against cancer now!

6 Cancer-Fighting Superfoods