Even though garlic is considered to be No. 1 among natural antibiotics, you should never underestimate the healing powers of onions. Experts agree that some diseases and conditions can be treated only with the help of onions and without the use of prescribed drugs.


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Here Are Four Key Reasons Why You Should Always Have Onions In Your Home

1. Clogged Ears

The formation of wax in the ears protects against infections, but in cases of its excessive accumulation, the ears can get clogged and you may even feel pain. If you’re bothered by these kinds of problems, onions can help you get rid of them. Prep this simple remedy: cook one onion and place a slice of it in the affected ear. Just be careful not to push it too deep into the ear canal. Let it stay overnight. The onion juices will soften the cerumen in your ears, and afterwards you’ll be able to remove it without any trouble.

2. Burned Skin

If the baking, cooking or ironing duties are part of your everyday life, you have experienced the painful burns. Halve an onion and put it on your burn. The pain will disappear almost instantly!

3. Wasp Or Bee Sting

If you are allergic, the sting of a wasp or bee can be seriously dangerous to your health. So, if something like this happens to you, try to stay calm, don’t press the place of the sting and get an onion in your hands. Activating the rationale of your mind, blend the onion and then gently place the mixture on the sting. This will soothe the pain and will help the swelling go away faster. But of course, the next thing you should do is seek for medical help!

4. Detoxification

We left the best for the end. Raw onion is a great ally in the excretion of toxins from the body. Detoxification with onions is the easiest and cheapest detoxification method there is, and you can easily incorporate it in your daily diet.