Do you think that tea bags can be used only to make tea for drinking? Or did you know that they can be used for other things as well, such as household, garden and beauty? Here we show you a few useful tips on how to use tea bags in your home.

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20 Smart Ways To Use Tea And Tea Bags
1. Get Rid Of Tired And Swollen Eyes

If you’re a night owl, spending a lot of time in front of a computer, it’s time for you to get rid of the swollen and dark under eyes. Soak 2 tea bags in hot water and then remove them to cool down. Once lukewarm, put them on your closed eyes. Leave them to stand for about 20 minutes.3

2. Get Rid Of Pink Eye

You can use a warm, damp tea bag as a compress, to get rid of symptoms of pink eye.

3. Treat Acne

Wash your face with green tea, to treat acne.

4. Soothe Sunburns And Mild Burns

Line the burned skin with a cold, damp tea bag, to soothe the pain.

5. Treat Bleeding Gums

To relieve the pain after removing a tooth, you should put a cold, damp tea bag on the area where you’ve lost the tooth. This will help stop the bleeding of the gums and relieve pain.

6. DIY Mouthwash

You can soothe mouth pain by gargling homemade peppermint tea mixed with a pinch of salt. This will also help you get rid of bad breath.

7. Prevent Dizziness

Black tea increases blood pressure, and therefore, can help reduce the symptoms of dizziness when standing up. Whenever you find yourself in a situation like this, drink a cup of black tea.

8. Fix A Broken Nail

If you break a nail, tea bags can help you fix it. Cut a small piece of the tea bag and put it on the broken nail. Coat it with your favorite nail polish.

9. Neutralize Foot Odor

If you have a problem with smelly feet, then you should soak them in a lukewarm tea bath for 20 minutes a day.

10. Get Rid Of Warts

Use a warm, damp tea bag as a compress to get rid of the warts on your feet. Keep the compress for about 20 minutes a day, and repeat the treatment until the warts disappear.

11. Hair Conditioner

Wash your hair with unsweetened tea, to give it an extra glow and make it super soft.

12. Tenderize Meat

Put a few black tea bags in hot, boiling water for 5 minutes. Add brown sugar and mix to dissolve. Then, put the tough meat in the resulting mixture and leave it to marinate for half an hour, to tenderize. Season the meat with salt and spices, and bake. Enjoy the delicious meal!

13. Clean And Shiny Mirrors And Windows

Damp tea bags can help you clean and shine the mirrors and windows in your home. All you need to do is rub the glass surface with a cooled down, damp tea bag, and then wipe it with a dry microfiber cloth.

14. Clean And Polish Wooden Furniture

Soak a few tea bags in boiling water and allow them to cool down. Rub the wooden surface with a damp tea bag, to get it clean and polished. In the end, wipe the surface with a dry microfiber cloth.

15. DIY Potpourri

Add the dry tea leaves in a scented sachet, to make potpourri. You can also add a few drops of your favorite essential oil, like lavender or lemon.

16. Give The Fabric An Antique Look

Add two tea bags and two cups of water into a cooking pot, and bring it the tea to boiling point. Let it stand for about 20 minutes, to cool down. Then add the fabric, lace or any other material in the tea, to give it an antique look. The longer the materials stay soaked in the tea, the darker they become.

17. Painting

Yeah, you can use tea to paint! You can paint with black tea on white paper and use it to accent black and white drawings.

18. Fertilize Roses

Add a couple of used or new tea bags in the soil around the roses. When you water the rosebush, the tannic acid and other nutrients will be released into the soil and benefit the plant.

19. Prepare A Fertilizer For Planting

Add tea bags in the soil you use for planting, to create an acidic fertilizer. Your potted plants will flourish when planted in this soil.

20. Help Your Ferns

Ferns love tea. Instead water, you can use tea when watering them.

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