After enjoying a cup of aromatic coffee, the grounds almost always go in the trash bin, because they are considered unusable. But these alternative uses of coffee grounds give you an opportunity to save time and money, both by doing some minor things for yourself and for the home.


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How To Use Coffee Grounds

1. Excellent solution for grooming your pet

It may sound strange, but coffee grounds, mixed with water, can be a great conditioner when combing your pet. After some rubbing, the fur becomes softer and more radiant, and easier for grooming. Some people go as far as they say that it removes fleas and other parasites from the pet’s coat, but this is still not proven.

2. Eliminating the smell of fish, garlic or onion from your hands.

Do you find yourself with a strong smell on your hands after cleaning fish, chopping garlic or onions? All you need to do to get rid of that unpleasant smell is to rub your hands with coffee grounds.

3. Removing odors from the freezer

Refrigerators often receive the odor of several different dishes, and sometimes that chaotic sharp smell is in no way pleasing to the nose. It is even worse when fresh food begins to receive this bad aroma. The mixed smell can be easily neutralized by putting a container of coffee grounds in the freezer. This can be accompanied with a few drops of vanilla extract, which will give a pleasant aroma.

4. Gentle cleaner for greasy pots, pans and grill

Grounds can serve quite conveniently when removing grease from the grill or kitchen utensils, without damaging them.

5. Microwave deodorant

The moment you feel that your microwave oven has received an unpleasant smell, put in a cup filled with 3-4 teaspoons of coffee and water to the half. Set the timer on the microwave to 5 minutes and let the coffee heat up and work its magic.

6. Аnts repellent

Place coffee grounds in places where ants are coming out. They will immediately flee elsewhere. The coffee grounds serve as a snail repellent too.

7. Face scrub for removing dead cells

Mix coffee grounds with a little bit of olive oil and apply the mixture on your face, gently rubbing in a circular motion. Afterwards, wash your face with lukewarm water and cleansing gel, or soap. Your skin will become much clearer and with a healthy glow.

8. Refreshing mask for the skin

Mix ¼ cup of coffee grounds with an egg white. Apply the mixture on the face and allow it to act for 10-15 minutes, or until completely dry. Wash your face with lukewarm water afterwards.

9. Regenerator for shiny hair

Make a cup of coffee, leave it to cool down, drain the liquid and then sprinkle it on your hair, after washing it with shampoo first. Rinse with lukewarm water. Coffee has been shown to increase the shine of the hair. But, if you have blonde hair, do not practice this trick, since coffee can ruin your hair color.

10. Change the color of flowers

This particularly affects the hydrangea flower, because their color can easily be manipulated. Add the coffee grounds in the soil and wait for it. Due to changes in the pH level, the flowers will take on a blue color.

11. Easier cultivation of carrots

Right before planting, mix coffee grounds with the carrot seeds. It makes it easier for the carrots to grow.

12. Spice up your meat

When caramelized, coffee grounds form a crust that keeps the interior of the meat juicy. This trick will give a bittersweet taste to your grill.