In many cases, depression may be concealed, invisible and undiagnosed. The reality is that it’s difficult for people who are depressed to come to an end with their inner demons. Therefore, it’s necessary for us to know and recognize the symptoms, especially the hidden ones.


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11 Habits Of Hidden Depression

1. Too Happy And Optimistic

The impression that all people with depression have a similar, difficult personality is wrong, since being depressed not just a bad mood. People who live with this disorder have learned to change and conceal their mood, and sometimes they may seem as one of the happiest people you have ever met. They often act positively in public, no matter what they’re going through or how they really feel.

2. Habitual Remedies

Different approaches, such as medications and therapies, can be used to treat depression. However, in addition to these, there are the habitual remedies. Namely, depressed people have habits help them relax and bring peace to their state of mind, such as long walks, music, exercise, etc.

3. Abandonment Problem

Depression is a huge burden, not only to the affected people, but also to their closest family and friends. The sad truth is that sometimes, these close people may look the other way, not being able to deal with the problems of depression. Thus, depressed people often fear of abandonment.

4. Experts In Cover-Up Stories

Depressed people are professionals in making up stories to cover anything, from why they have cuts on their hands, to why they skipped lunch. Usually, these cover-up stories are intended to distract others, and hide their pain and true feelings.

5. Strange Habits When It Comes To Sleep And Eating

The small signs can tell you a lot. Too little or too much sleep, skipping meals or eating too much are textbook examples of depression. Sleep and good eating habits are two critical elements for the human health, and therefore, we should keep them in control.

6. Different Understanding Of Things

People struggling with depression know how what they should or shouldn’t put into their bodies. Alcohol is a sedative and depressant, and therefore they know that drinking it in excessive quantities can hamper their mental state and that they will be less able to cope with the difficulties it brings. Also, they know that sugar and caffeine raise their mood, and what medications can do, so they avoid mixing them.

7. Engaged In Observing Life And Death

Not every depressed person has suicidal thoughts and intentions. But, depression is a state of mind that provokes a complex and unique process of thinking, observing life and death, and searching for answers to all questions of life.

8. Unique Talent

People that live with a concealed depression often find unique ways of expressing themselves. Many famous musicians, artists, actors and world leaders have been affected by this mood disorder.

9. Looking For A Greater Purpose Of Life

What’s the purpose and meaning of life, we all want to know that. We all want to know if we move in the right direction and where is our path headed. People who live with hidden depression are no exception to this. They always try to compensate for the instability in their life, by constantly changing directions and looking for true happiness. Nothing ever seems enough!

10. Subtle Cry For Help

Even people who know how to live with depression need help. Don’t ignore them and look for the hidden signs, as they won’t ask for help explicitly.

11. Acceptance And Love

Depressed people live in a private and closed way for protection. But, this doesn’t mean that they do not seek for acceptance and love.

11 Habits of People With Concealed Depression