Nowadays, many medical experts advise that it’s much more important to protect yourself and your family from the adverse effects of the flu vaccine, than from the flu itself. Each year, the pharmaceutical industry and the media are investing high efforts to convince the public to get flu vaccinations. Even though the flu vaccine is highly promoted, its side effects are rarely mentioned. Namely, flu vaccines contain highly toxic substances, which are harmful for the overall human health.

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11 Reasons Why The Flu Vaccine Is Much More Dangerous Than The Flu Itself
1. This Vaccine Gives You The Flu And Is Making You Sick

Many parents notice that their children get sick almost immediately after the vaccination. Why? Because the vaccine is actually administering the flu virus in our bodies, so it can fight it and increase the immunity. But, very often, instead of increasing the immunity, a vaccine can make the human body more vulnerable to the virus. Thus, people with decreased immunity are more likely to get sick after a flu shot.

2. Some Flu Shots Contain Harmful Substances, Such As Mercury

The pharmaceutical industry tells the public that flu vaccines contain the flu virus. What they often miss to mention is the long list of other substances, which are harmful for the human health. Nowadays, a known fact is that there’s mercury in the flu shots. Mercury poisoning can cause depression, memory loss, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder, heart disease, problems with the oral cavity, breathing problems, digestive problems and other severe health problems.

3. The Flu Vaccine Can Cause Alzheimer’s Disease

Evidence shows that flu vaccines can cause Alzheimer’s disease. Experts in Immunogenetics advise that people who get vaccinated against flu regularly, have a 10 times greater risk of developing this disease. They believe that this is due to a toxic combination of mercury and aluminum in the vaccine. In addition, the flu vaccine weakens the immune system of elderly people and makes them more susceptible to some serious diseases.

4. The Pharmaceutical Companies And Medical Advisory Committees Earn Billions Of Dollars From Flu Vaccines Every Year

After an investigation by the Federal Law of vaccination in 1999, numerous intersections of interests between the pharmaceutical companies and the advisory committees have been detected. Namely, many individuals, working in the medical advisory boards, have been found to have financial ties to the pharmaceutical industry, producing the vaccines. Since these people often participate in the discussions on licensing the flu vaccines, it creates a serious doubt as of how effective they actually are.

5. Lack Of Evidence, Showing That Children Benefit Of The Flu Vaccines

Studies have found that there’s no real evidence that the flu vaccine is more effective than a placebo vaccine. Moreover, the flu vaccination protects only against certain strains of the virus. Meaning, that you can get the flu very easily, if you’re in contact with some other strain of the virus.

6. After A Flu Vaccination, You Become More Vulnerable To Pneumonia

For people with weak immune system, flu vaccination can be devastating. If your organism is already struggling with a virus, or simply has a weak immune system, the vaccine can make you more susceptible to pneumonia, or some other infectious and contagious diseases.

7. Vascular Diseases

Medical studies show that flu vaccination increases the risk of vascular inflammations and diseases. The most common symptoms are fever, pain in the jaw, muscle aches, pain and stiffness in the neck and upper arm, pain in the shoulders and hips, and headaches.

8. Children Under 1 Year Of Age Are At A Higher Risk

Children under 1 year of age are very vulnerable to neurotoxic disorders, affecting the sensitive nerve center of the brain and the central nervous system. Namely, babies do not have a sufficient immune protection, to defend the brain and nerve system of premature damages. And still, the first flu vaccination is administered at 6 months of age.

9. Increased Risk Of Narcolepsy

Dozens of cases, from 12 different countries, report about children who have developed narcolepsy after receiving a vaccine against flu. Narcolepsy is a chronic sleep disorder, where the affected person shows an increased tendency towards sleeping in relaxing environments.  For those younger than 21, the risk of developing narcolepsy is three times higher than in middle-aged people. Thus, the risk is highest among young people, who have been vaccinated.

10. Decreased Immunological Reactions

Studies show that flu vaccines can cause a decreased, or even adverse immunological reactions, and that they trigger a variety of other infections. Hence, instead of protecting the organism, there’s a risk of reducing the person’s ability to fight diseases.

11. Flu Vaccines Trigger Serious Neurological Problems

Flu vaccines may contain many harmful substances, including laxatives, mercury, formaldehyde and strains of live flu virus. Some researches show that some of these components can cause serious neurological problems. There are cases who report development of the Guillain-Barre syndrome, a disorder characterized by long-term damage to the nervous system, and even paralysis.