When you throw dryer sheets in the wash together with your laundry, you anticipate getting some nice, clean, soft, sweet smelling static-free clothes. What you might not know is that they come in handy for many other things besides doing your laundry. Below are ten ways in which you can use dryer sheets around your home.

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10 Exceptional Uses For Dryer Sheets
1. Scrubbing Pots And Pans

Cleaning messy pots and pans can be very frustrating. Especially if you have food stuck at the bottom. To ease the process of cleaning them, and help get rid of all the dirt and grime, simply place a dryer sheet at the bottom of the pan or pot, add water and let it soak overnight. When you wash it the next morning, it will not only be easy to clean, but will leave your pots and pans sparkly clean.

2. Getting Rid Of Pet Hair

Most of us live with pets, usually dogs and cats. Inevitably, they will leave hair on your furniture, upholstery, and even clothing. Keep your home clean and free from pet hair, by wiping it off with dryer sheets. It’s very easy and it effectively gets rid of the hair.

3. Removing Toilet Rings

Over time, it is not unusual to find rings forming in the toilet. While you could use other cleaners, dryer sheets are very effective at getting rid of these rings. Simply scrub the inside of the bowl with a dryer sheet, and voila! The ugly rings will be gone in no time.

4. As An Air Freshener

Dryer sheets help freshen your clothes, but you could also use them to freshen your entire home. Simply attach a dryer sheet to a fan or an air conditioning unit. As the air moves, the dryer sheet will help eliminate any unpleasant odors, and it’ll fill the room with a pleasant, fresh smell.

5. Cleaning Glass

While you could use window cleaner to clean smudges and dirt from windows or eyeglasses, dryer sheets do a better job and they are easier to use. If you’re going to use the sheets on eyeglasses, make sure they’re not plastic, to avoid scratching the lenses.

6. Dusting

While a damp duster works well for dusting most household appliances, there are things you want to clean without using water, such as electronics. Use dryer sheets to remove dust from your electronics, window blinds, and even ceiling fans.

7. Cleaning The Iron Box

Over time, you might notice that your iron is getting dirty and transferring dirt onto your clothes while ironing. Connect your iron to power, set it on low and then use a dryer sheet to clean off the dirt.

8. Preventing Thread Knots

Thread knots can be very annoying when you’re attempting to sew. You, however, don’t have to experience them. Simply run a dryer sheet over the thread before you start sewing and you can be certain, no knots will form.

9. Cleaning Stainless Steel

Use a dryer sheet to get rid of smudges and fingerprints from your stainless steel appliances, such as the fridge.

10. Cleaning Chrome Faucets

Remove watermarks and smudges from your chrome faucets using dryer sheets.

Now you know how to maximize the use of dryer sheets around your home.

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